Do you ever wonder how to keep your teeth as white as possible? In Between dentist visits and teeth whitening sessions what can you try to keep your teeth white?
Teeth become dull and stained over time. Simple aging and general wear and tear effect a tooths look and health. This doesn’t signify anything is wrong with your pearlys. However we do know that it can make use feel embarrassed and self consciousness. Besides going to the dentist to get our teeth bleached (which you should still consider) There are some things you might have seen on the internet you might want to try to at home to prolong those shiny white teeth. We recommend you consult us first. The methods below can be risky causing irritation, sensitivity and even pain if not used correctly or over used.

So how do you maintain that lovely smile when you leave the dentist.
Here are Six ‘natural’ teeth whiteners we found online

(1) Baking Soda
Baking soda is a general household product. No to be confused with baking powder.
This seems like a widely used method when we research online. So we say it is the most home widely used home whitener. Sodium bicarbonate as it is referred outside the kitchen is mixed with lemon juice or a bit of water makes a paste that you apply to the teeth and wait a few minutes before rinsing. This is an easy but messy homemade solution that might even help to pH balance your mouth.

(2) Strawberries
It is thought that Vitamin C and malic acid work in conjunction to help remove stains on teeth. Malic acid assists in removing the stain while Vitamin C removes plaque. Both of these things are contained in Strawberries. Try it yourself and see if the tales are true.Mash up a ripe strawberry and dip your toothbrush in it – Not a bad idea. Make sure to rinse several times after. You might even consider adding a little baking powder to the water to rebalance your mouth’s pH afterwards.

(3) Coconut Oil
It is very easy to get Coconuts from the grocery store even if we can’t grow them ourselves. Pulling is the act of swishing a small amount of oil, preferably coconut oil in the morning to clean your teeth and mouth. .Coconuts contain lauric acid which can be claimed to help remove tooth plaque. It might feel a little strange at first but using oil as a mouth rinse is another way of promoting oral hygiene. Don’t knock it till you try it..

(4) Orange or Lemon Peels
There are reports that lemon and or orange peels will whiten your teeth. Rub the white parts of the peels all over your teeth before brushing.
This might not work but both are nature and good. The acid will eventually wear away the enamel So always rinse afterwards. Hydrogen peroxide is a good bacterial agent. Mix this with water in your mouth (1:1 ration) and swish for at least a minute.

(5) Apple cider vinegar
What would a home be with Apple cider vinegar. A staple in most homes as it has some many uses. This has been proven to help keep teeth whiter between your teeth whitening dental visits. This natural solution takes about a month to have an effect. Consistency is key with this method. All acids can Be careful, as with all acids, it can remove the enamel. Brushing afterwards with regular toothpaste and a good rinse is always recommended.

(6)Activated charcoal.
Have you ever seen someone brushing with a black paste? Activated charcoal is charcoal that has been reheated and oxidized. It is claimed that stains bind to stains like coffee and when you rinse the stains leave with the charcoal. This method of tooth whitening is not proven however there are many claims online.
We love that people are trying to improve their health DIY, however we do recommend before you try anything you consult your family dentist to see if they have any further information. It is a dentists profession to be knowledgeable about your teeth. We are always here if you have any questions.

We at Homer Dental Centre, your downtown Vancouver dentist hope you have a wonderful holiday season. We wish you and your pearly whites the best.

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