At our downtown dental clinic we often see people with cavities after the holidays. We thought we would share some tips to help you take care of your teeth during the sweet season. It is that wonderful time of year where we often let ourselves enjoy the lovely taste of sweets and hard candies. Sharing chocolates, cookies and hard candies at work is common. Receiving candy as gifts is synonymous of this time of year. How do we enjoy our sweets, save our precious smile, and continue to be cavity free over the holidays. These tips will ensure you keep your teeth in top notch condition over holidays. We love see our patients at our downtown vancouver dental clinic however we also want to make sure you enjoy the holidays without needing a dental visit.

Only have a bit of Candy. With Shortbread, gingerbread, candy canes, chocolate, and so much more we often fill our bellies with things we normally wouldn’t touch. No one wants to skip the holiday treats. It is important to be aware of what and how much candy you are eating. Hard candies and toffees can have the worst impact.
Brush your teeth often. After eating candy it is always a good idea to get that sugary substance off your teeth. If you do brush right after you have a crunchy or sugary candy your teeth will thank you and your smile won’t be damaged once the holidays are done. This simple act will reduce the risk of tooth decay.
Keep a Routine: The holidays often change routines as we jet here and there to see loved ones. It is important to keep brushing twice a day. And if eating candy brush more often.
Be Prepared: put that toothbrush and a mini toothpaste in your purse or bag for those just in case moments. If you do find yourself without a toothbrush while enjoying the festive season get some sugarless gum. Chewing helps stir up saliva which can help get rid of food debris.
Flossing: We all know we should floss but this is the time of year where it is most essential. This little act twice a day or more could save you a dentist visit in the coming months.
We at Homer Dental Centre, your downtown Vancouver dentist hope you have a wonderful holiday season. We wish you and your pearly whites the best.

Keep Brushing Yours Truly,

Homer Dental Centre

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